Day Stays

DAY STAYS Club Fairmont

Club Fairmont is a day club program catering for seniors operating at Fairmont Aged Care; a home away from home, Club Fairmont welcomes you to a warm and family-type environment.

No need for ACAT assessments
No need to register on My Aged Care website
Short (9:30am-4:30pm) OR long stays
(7.30am-8pm) OR overnight stays

Club Fairmont offers:

Entertainment - interesting speakers; musical performances; movies; celebrations such as birthdays, and Australian holidays.
Activities - crafts, quizzes, games, cards, regular outings, bus trips and a well-supplied library.
Wellbeing therapies - our professional physiotherapy team, remedial massage, exercise groups to keep you active, tai chi, manicures to keep your hands and nails
looking glamorous.

Club Fairmont operates Monday to Friday from 7.30am onwards.

The cost per visit is $30 per day which includes Morning and Afternoon tea, hot lunch and all activities on a given day. Additional services such as incontinence aids and medical supplies are available and charged extra. A pick-up and drop off service can also be arranged for an extra charge.
Note: all additional services will be charged at cost price to the facility.

Everyone benefits from a day away from home and the opportunity to make new friends!

COME JOIN THE Fairmont Family Club Days!