Diversional Therapy Program / Activity Program

A Diversional Therapist is employed on a full time basis to arrange and coordinate a variety of activity and entertainment programs. Diversional therapy is a client centred practice and recognises that leisure and recreational experiences are the right of all individuals. An Activities Officer is also employed to assist with the running of all activities and recreational programs.

The Diversional Therapist provides activities for both group and individual therapy. Family and friends are encouraged to participate in these activities. Diversional therapy programs are mailed to all relatives on a monthly basis and a calendar of events is displayed at the front entrance and in our dining room.

We encourage all residents to participate in the programs, however it is in no way compulsory for them to take part in activities.

Recreational activities include:

• Quizzes
• Song activities
• Weekly movie screenings
• Individual drives/walks
• Entertainers
• Barbecue lunches
• Fetes
• Cognitive activities including bingo and cards
• Physical activities including golf putting and carpet bowls
• News and current affairs discussions
• Individual one-on-one sessions
• Exercise sessions
• Bus outings
• Reminiscence
• Happy hour
• Raffles
• Cooking sessions
• Aromatherapy
• Massage
• Dementia specific activities
• Ethnic cultural activities