A-Z Guide


If you are going to be away for any reason, please advise the Director of Nursing of an alternative telephone number on which you may be reached or where you may be contacted in an emergency, or, whom you would like us to contact.


Accounts are issues at the beginning of each month and are payable monthly in advance. Payments are due within 14 days. Incidental costs incurred on the resident’s behalf, excluding pharmacy, will be processed on the monthly account. These costs may be for hairdressing services, some outings, transport costs to appointments or special personal care items and services requested by the resident and or their representative. Payments can be made via cheque, EFT, cash or direct debit. A Direct Debit form can be completed on admission or at a later date.

It is our policy to allow approximately thirty (30) days for final accounts and refunds, if applicable, to be issued. This ensures sufficient time has elapsed to process all incidental charges incurred by the resident prior to leaving the facility. Your understanding of this policy is appreciated


Residents who are admitted to a Nursing Facility are assessed and given written approval on the Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) form issued by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

Bed Allocation is at the discretion of the Director of Care. We hope that you will not be moved from your room. If you are not happy with the room you occupy please do not hesitate to discuss this with the Director of Nursing. We will try to please you and help you feel comfortable and happy. It may be necessary to relocate a bed due to nursing care priorities. Residents and relatives will be consulted prior to bed re-allocation. Single rooms may need to be utilized for specialized care requirements.


Please bring the following items to be given to the Director of Care or delegate.


With your doctor’s permission, you may enjoy a pre-dinner drink/night cap. Please give alcoholic beverages to the RN in Charge, who will arrange secure storage in the treatment room.


(See also Special Services for further details)

Residents are responsible to pay the following charges:
1. Dental Services
2. Glasses
3. Hairdressing
4. Hearing Aids
5. Specialist consultations
6. Any external allied service contracted by the resident or resident’s representative. E.g. Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Speech Therapist, Dental Services etc.


Parking in the driveway is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Most residents are fully dressed each day. It is the responsibility of the relatives to ensure that the resident has sufficient appropriate clothing. Please provide the following listed items, and mark clearly using non-washable ink the resident’s name on the clothes tag. No responsibility can be taken for items which are not properly marked or on which marking has not been maintained in a legible condition.

Industrial machines are used for washing and drying clothing. Clothing must be suitable for laundering at the Facility. Drycleaning can be arranged if required, however this will be at the resident’s expense.

A wardrobe is provided for each resident. It is necessary for winter clothes to be taken home by relatives during summer and vice versa in winter. Repairs and replacement of clothing is the responsibility of relatives. We will take every possible care with personal items of clothing but the Facility does not accept responsibility.


If you require any information about your relative, or if you are in any way unhappy with any aspect of their care, please do not hesitate to discuss the matter with the Director of Care or senior management.

In the first instance, approach the Director of Care as most concerns can be resolved internally. Investigation of What you need TO KNOW concerns will be implemented and results discussed with a representative of the resident’s choice. Concerns and queries can also be raised at the Residents/Carers meetings without any retribution. Complaint forms are also readily available at sign-in.

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution, the matter may be referred to the Department. See the Department website for further information www.agedcarecomplaints.govspace.gov.au or contact the Aged Care Complaints Scheme on 1800 550 552.


Individual climate control air conditioning is installed in all areas of the Facility for your comfort.


Secure gates and alarm doors are provided. If you need more information with the understanding of dementia or coming to terms with dementia, please contact Director of Care for assistance.


Complaints Phone 1800 550 552
Or write to Aged Care Complaints Scheme
C/ the Department
GPO Box 7576
Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610


If the resident is unable to exercise their legal rights then it is the relatives responsibility to notify the electoral office.

Suitable arrangements for voting will be made by the Facility at the resident’s request.


In order to maintain good communication every effort will be made to provide you with an interpreter if we don’t have a staff member who can assist you with language difficulties. The Registered Nurse on duty will organize this service for you.


To assist you with settling in to the facility or to discuss any aspect of care, family conferences and/or counselling can be arranged. Contact the Director of Care for further information.


In the event of death, it is helpful if you have advised us of your preferred funeral director. For doctor to issue a death certificate he/she will need to know if burial or cremation is required.


The home supplies disposable incontinent aids for residents in Permanent Care as needed.


There is a provision for Permanent Residents by the Commonwealth Department for overnight and extended social leave of 28 days per year and unlimited hospital leave. In these circumstances the relative or representative must sign a Leave of Absence Form.


There is a provision by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing for overnight and extended social leave of 28 days per year and unlimited hospital leave. In these circumstances the relative or representative must sign a Leave of Absence Form.


A lift is provided to service both floors of the facility


The resident’s medical practitioner or registered nurse decides on a suitable diet for the resident. List of likes and dislikes are noted on admission and displayed in the kitchen. Considerations are made for cultural requirements and dietary needs. All food is cooked on the premises to a variety 4-week menu. Fresh fruit and juices are provided daily.


High Risk Foods: Meats, poultry, eggs and egg products, soft cheese, pate, dips, smallgoods, seafood, pre-cut fresh fruit and
vegetables, all dairy.

The residents are considered vulnerable persons (elderly and frail persons) under the Food Safety Act and as such the following must be adhered to for their safety: -


Meals are served in the dining room or in individual rooms at:
0730 - 0800 breakfast
1230 lunch
1730 dinner

Morning and afternoon teas are served with fresh cakes/fruit daily. Plain and cream biscuits are also available.
Supper is served as required. Meals for relatives and visitors can be arranged for a nominal charge. Please consult the Director of Care for further details.


Mechanical lifters in compliance with Work Health and Safety Guidelines transfer residents who are unable to bare weight.


Residents are entitled to nominate a medical practitioner of their own choice. This information should be provided to the Director of Care at the time of admission and any changes in the medical practitioner should be notified as early as possible. Should a resident not wish to nominate a medical practitioner, the Registered Nurse will make the necessary arrangements to provide this service for the resident.

Medical practitioners visit the Facility on a regular basis or when they are called by the Registered Nurse on duty.


Medications and drugs brought in on admission must be handed to the Registered Nurse on duty. Ongoing medications are arranged by the Facility for the resident. A monthly pharmacy account is supplied by direct billing to the resident through:

Best Price Pharmacy
153 Alison Rd Randwick
Phone: 9682-6555


Published monthly. Contributions of articles etc are welcome.


Can be arranged when appropriate. You might like to consider Christmas, New Year, Easter and other special occasions and holiday seasons.


Management will hold these cards in a secure place. It is available on request at any time for specific reasons. Please remember to provide current cards.


The facility engages in registered pets for therapy and companion dogs as part of the activities program.


Fairmont Aged Care takes its obligations under the Privacy Act seriously and will take all reasonable steps to comply with the Act and protect the privacy of personal information that we hold. The facility will ensure information provided by you is kept confidential. Your Care Plan, Progress notes and Medical Records are accessed by the Health Care Professionals involved in your care only. We are required to take photos of you for purposes of identification and for correct medication administration.

Kindly note all resident records are the property of the aged care facility.

Each individual is to have access to the personal information that we hold about him or her. Access will be provided in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principals, within a reasonable timeframe. If you require access to your personal information please write to the Managing Director or Director of Care.


Families are encouraged to take their relative for outings as long as they are well enough and the Director of Care or delegate has been consulted. The Diversional Therapist, upon agreement with relatives, organizes group outings and day trips. Sufficient notice is always provided. Please speak to the Diversional Therapist for further information and if you would like to attend


Each resident within the facility has the right to make decisions about what they wish to do and not to do. If the risk is explained adequately and the resident or the “person responsible/guardian” (where the person lacks capacity) makes a decision to take such risk this decision will be respected. Relative/representative will be consulted and the decision will be documented.

The resident must accept consequences of the actions. Exception to this rule will apply where staff and other residents may be at risk.


On admission all residents are required to sign a Residential Agreement. It is recommended residents / carers read this document carefully and sign it as this protects the rights of both the resident and the facility. (See management for further details).


The committee meets every 3 months as part of the WHS Meeting, please see notices for dates and times. Concerns and suggestions for continuous quality improvements are discussed. Complaints/hazard forms are located in the main foyer and dining room. Please feel free to use them.


Organized by the Diversional Therapist and held on a monthly basis or as needs arise. Topics and issues discussed vary. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Policies and Procedures have been developed outlining these with references to “Living in a Nursing Home” and a guide to Residents Rights in Nursing Homes. The resident has the right to refuse medical treatment.


Residents will only be restrained for safety reasons and only after consultation with the Medical Officer and Relative/Representative.


Resident/Relative satisfaction surveys are conducted biannually and ask residents’ relatives to rate various aspects of the service. These surveys are conducted with the interest of resident/relatives in mind, can be anonymous, so we ask everyone to participate.

A suggestion box is located in entrance foyer. Please feel free to use this feature should a need arise.


Your nursing accommodation is secure unless:

Responsibilities of resident/representative/relative:


Due to Health Regulations, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. Smoking is permitted outside in the garden in designated areas only.


All of the above items are to be paid for by the resident/representative. This is stated in the Department Manual.


All religious denomination clergy may visit the Nursing Facility. Arrangements need to be made with Management In advance.


Services can be arranged as required at the resident’s expense. Doctors, Specialists, Optometrists / Dental Care Arrangements with various practises’ have been arranged.

The Registered Nurse on duty will arrange appointments. It is the responsibility of relatives to escort residents to their appointments. A staff representative will be made available to assist residents to and from appointments, if the resident has no relatives. Fees (including staff escort) and transportation charges for these appointments are at the resident’s expense.


Is arranged every 3-4 weeks on-site (or as required).

This service is at the resident’s expense. Please contact the Diversional Therapist for further Information.


Relatives/representatives must make their own appointments for these services. Residents who are unable to make their own appointments should request this to be arranged by the Director of Nursing.


Rockdale Library provides a library service in consultation with the Diversional Therapist. Large print books are available. “Talking books” can be arranged if required. Please see Diversional Therapist for further information.


The Diversional Therapist, upon request, posts letters for residents. Incoming mail is delivered daily after lunch.


Your medical practitioner can arrange referral.


Delivery of papers and magazines can be arranged at the resident’s expense. Please consult Diversional Therapist for arrangements.


The home engages qualified physiotherapists to provide services to assist in pain management, mobility and flexibility. Additional private physiotherapy will be provided for the resident, depending on the Medical Officer’s assessment, at the resident’s expense. The Registered Nurse or the Diversional Therapist can arrange additional physiotherapy when required.


Can be arranged by the Registered Nurse on duty. The Veterans Affairs Commission will pay for repatriation residents, pending a special application to the Commission by the Podiatrist. Diabetic residents are seen by the podiatrist 4-5 times per year. Private podiatry can be arranged at the resident’s expense.


For incoming calls residents have the use of a portable phone whenever required. You are welcome to call the Director of Care or the Registered Nurse on duty. The telephone number is (02) 9567-2279.


LCD Flat-screen television sets are available in all rooms. Television sets and DVD players are also provided in the lounge areas. Note: individually owned (tagged) sets are permitted with the consent of the Director of Care. TV sets must be compact and fitted with earphones or headsets and must have a stand fitted with wheels or be wall-mounted by the facility.


These items are supplied by the home and include items such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, shaving cream and emollient cream. Towels, face washers and toilet paper are also supplied plus other extra items as per the Residential Care Manual issued by the Department.


These items are permitted. Earphones or headphones must be provided. Contact Diversional Therapist for further information.


The Nursing Facility cannot take responsibility for money, jewellery or valuables left with residents.


This can be arranged by the Facility on resident and/or relatives’ request. A Justice of Peace is available on staff to witness and sign documentation should this be required. All other staff are not permitted to witness or sign any documents. The Public Trustee Office can also be contacted to assist you.