Residents Care

Personalised Resident Care

At Fairmont Aged Care residents have 24 hour access to registered nurses and care assistants. Each resident has a choice of doctor and access to emergency medical treatment at all times. Consultations with specialists and other health professionals can be arranged when required.

Residents and relatives are interviewed upon arrival and individualised routines are arranged to provide tailored care to ensure that the residents’ lifestyle and wishes are respected and acted upon to maintain residents’ dignity while we care for them.

Residents’ and their relatives are encouraged to personalise their space to assist in making Fairmont Aged Care their home. Relatives and friends of residents’ are encouraged to visit often and participate in activities and functions at Fairmont Aged Care.




Diversional Therapy

A qualified Diversional Therapist is employed on a full time basis to arrange and coordinate a variety of activity and entertainment programs.  Diversional Therapy is a client centred practice and recognises that leisure and recreational experiences are the right of all individuals.  All programs are assessed regularly to ensure the needs and requirements of all residents are met.

The Diversional Therapist provides activities for both group and individual therapy.  Family and friends are encouraged to participate in these activities.  Diversional therapy programs are mailed to all relatives on a monthly basis and a calendar of events is displayed at the front entrance and in our dining/lounge rooms.

We encourage all residents to participate in the programs, however it is in no way compulsory for them to take part in the activities.

Activities Include (but are not limited to)

• Quizzes
• Song Activities
• Weekly Movie Screenings
• Individual drives/walks/shopping trips
• Entertainers
• Barbecue Lunches
• Cognitive activities including Bingo and cards
• Physical activities including golf putting and carpet bowls
• News and current affairs discussions
• Individual one-on-one sessions
• Exercise Sessions
• Bus outings
• Reminiscence
• Happy Hour
• Raffles
• Cooking sessions
• Aromatherapy
• Massage
• Dementia Specific Activities


Physiotherapists Aged Care provide us with a team of experienced physiotherapists who have a passion for working in aged care. Our physiotherapists provide comprehensive assessments and therapy programs for all residents. These programs are tailored to the individual needs of residents, helping to reduce pain and optimise strength, mobility and physical independance.

Those residents who suffer from chronic pain conditions are provided with tailored pain management programs, which may include hands on treatment by our physiotherapists, in addition to the use of treatment modalities including heat therapy and electrotherapy.

Our physiotherapists deliver weekly group exercise classes, assisting residents to maintain their movement and level of function through engaging activities in a group setting. Activities include arm and leg cycling, strength training through the use of weights and resistance bands and functional activities.

Private physiotherapy sessions can also be arranged on site, with the ability to claim for this service through existing private health funds. Private sessions can be of assistance in relieving pain, treating stiffness and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions, rehabilitation following injuries or surgery and reducing the risk of falls.

For further information, or to contact our physiotherapists directly, please click on the link: